Cernis functions in five principal areas. Each link provides an introduction to the service and illustrations of where it has been applied to clients' particular needs.


Cernis has internships open to suitably qualified graduates. Contact us for further information.


Cernis is proud to have sponsored Team England in the Commonwealth Games in Delhi.

The Associates Collective

An affiliation of professionals subscribing to set principles and values.

Cernis applications for management

Organisational improvement is our aim, founded on the conviction that there is always scope to be better and always scope for growth. High performing organisations are always changing and developing, resulting in a happier workforce and satisfied customers or clients.

Cernis can play a vital part within organisational improvement by offering:

• Complete independence with no allegiance to any funder, agency or body
• An impartial perspective unclouded by vested interests
• Unrivalled analytic skill and professional judgment based on many years senior experience
• Practical ability to work alongside you in diagnosing the problem and finding the solution

We have developed over many years a diverse range of services and products that increase the effectiveness of organisational systems, specialising in:

• Efficient resource management to increase your competitive edge, accountability to your funders and sponsors and improve your ability to do achieve more.
• Transformation of data into intelligence to inform your strategic planning and support decision-making.
• Development of your workforce through planning and skill mix, education and training, leadership and team development.
• Evaluation of your services and products from the people who use or buy them.

Browse the website for illustrations of the areas in which Cernis has applied its unique blend of organisational improvement methods.

Our experience of being at the forefront in delivering improvement within the public sector underpins a belief that much of the pioneering work undertaken over the past ten years has the potential for application across the private sector as well.