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Transforming services since 2008

Cernis co-produces, co-creates, co-designs, by working alongside people as our equal partners.

The people we work alongside are:

  • other organisations and consultancies, (see Partnerships and alliances)

  • professional colleagues, associates, freelancers, often people we have had many years of collabrating with

  • staff and practitioners within our client organisations

  • service users and patients, both within our client organisations and those we contract with privately - again these are people we have built relationships with over a long period.

'Together Everyone Achieves More' is the quick and clean definition of TEAM, reflecting our core value of working in collaboration and partnership. In our experience working together achieves better results and it's also more fun. For alliances to work it is necessary to build and maintain trust and to foster respect and these reflect Cernis values. People who have worked with us find our behaviour is congruent with our words - we are honest, dependable and trustworthy.

As a private company that needs to generate income, charging a fair price for quality outcomes is again a value we hold. We also re-invest some of our income by offering work experience, internships and apprenticeships, in addition to our pro bono and sponsorship.

Service organisations have a mission and a purpose to serve, yet so often this gets lost as organisations grow and adapt over time. The organisations we work with are often extremely complex, with complicated histories and structures. Individuals within these structures, whether staff or users, often feel disenfranchised, frustrated and ineffectual. All understandable and all a good rationale for engaging experienced, independent consultancy to help re-focus and re-shape.

Cernis focuses mostly on service organisations, whether these are public, private or voluntary. We are interested in the relationships between funders, service providers and service users, particularly in power differentials and the potential for harnessing unseen and under-used capacity.

All organisations have the potential to change and improve. We disagree with imposed, top-down edicts that claim to be transformational.

Organisations are made of people and service organisations serve people. People make change happen, with hearts, hands and minds.

Cernis has led and participated in many successful transformation programmes. Our methods work, so why not contact us to find out more - dialogue is good!

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